Over the last few months there has been a great deal of excitement among artists and tech geeks alike about a new way to collect, share and trade art (and music, and other stuff too) call an NFT. It is basically a piece of digital art that is provable unique, carries its entire provenance along with it in an unforgeable public record, and can be share or sold with other collectors while keeping all of this intact. This is accomplished using the blockchain technology which powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and like Ethereum whose blockchain provides the security and ownership records for NFTs.

Big money has been going into these digital collectibles recently, with the famous auction house Christie’s recently selling a digital artwork by Beeple as an NFT for US$69.3 million. Here at Wildography we think some of those dollars should be going towards doing something good in this world, like wildlife conservation!

Fortunately something called ‘Project Ark’ is working on doing just that, and have already teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to create an NFT which will support community conservation efforts in Romania! But it won’t stop there, with lots more on the way.

In fact, I’m excited to announce that Wildography will be using Project Ark’s platform to create our own NFT And we hope to introduce other Big collaborations in the near future. Perhaps you can get involved too…

Project Ark and WWF supporting community conservation in Romania

Project Ark’s first fundraising drive is in collaboration with WWF and will support their invaluable work in Romania. WWF has been working on a record breaking initiative in the Southern Carpathian Mountains, reintroducing Bison to create the largest wild population seen in the country for 200 years. In order to ensure that this wild population continues to thrive, along with the bears, wolves, lynx and other animals which are native to the region, they are now working with local communities, turning them into conservationists who can carry the work forward themselves. This community based conservation effort will ensure that participants are trained in all aspects of the natural lifecycle of rare species in their area, and will be actively engaged in monitoring and counting a variety of animals.

To support these efforts they will use the Project Ark platform to create and auction a series of rare digital artworks. Inspired by local Romanian traditions of egg painting, these collectibles will take the form of ornate 3D eggs with a special extra gift ready to hatch out of them in the form of a second NFT: but only if WWF reach their fundraising goal! This is hoped to encourage buyers to help spread the word and support the auction in other ways, as well as giving them a nice little bonus. Available in four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, they will fuse 3D art, animation and music into a unique creation.

The auction will go live on April 1st – no joke (sorry couldn’t resist that one) so keep an eye out for that.

More from Project Ark: and how you can get involved.

The collaboration with WWF is just the first of what we hope will be many collaborations between artists and conservations to raise much needed money for vital projects out there in the real world.

The idea behind Project Ark is to create an open platform where this kind of collaboration can happen, revolutionising fundraising while also providing something of lasting value for the people who give their hard earned money to make this work possible. Any artist, and especially anyone involved with wildlife art and photography, can get involved. You will be able to use the platform to auction your own work, and hopefully to raise some money from doing it.

Even beyond this, the project aims to create a ‘decentralized autonomous organization’ – a collection of individuals using this technology and the poject’s own ‘ARK’ token to organize, letting anybody who is involved propose and vote on potential new initiatives to support.

Wildography is working together with Project Ark to help make this happen – we are even going to drop our own NFT! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Wildography on social media if you think you might like to get involved too!

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