Top notch wildlife photographers & guides who can take you to sought after wildlife hotspots to capture amazing wildlife shots and return with life changing experiences and stories. Be sure to follow them on social media and enquire about upcoming workshops, privately guided trips/safaris.

A powerful shot of a lion leaping in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park by wildographer & guide whilst leading a recent photographic trip. Grant and his wife Helena Atkinson lead photographic trips to Botswana, Brazil, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, South America and India. Grant will be back in the same region in Tanzania next year so if you fancy joining him then contact him for the full itinerary and more information.

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Ultra cute meerkat family beautifully capture by wildlife photographer & photographic guide Helena Atkinson. Her and her husband lead photographic safaris across Africa all year round. Visit their website for upcoming trips and purchase mighty fine prints.
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Three week old leopard cubs brought out of Kopjes and into the trees by their mum in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park stare into the lens of conservation photographer, guide & author of To The Ends Of The Earth, Todd Gustafson. Todd’s wildlife conservation organisation uses beautiful imagery to show what we are in danger of losing and their goal is to continue and expand conservation efforts that will protect habitat and wildlife for generations to come. Show your support by visiting their store. 20% of the sales profits go to support Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Programme.
The above photo will appear in our limited Tshirts that will be out in a few week, so keep your eyes peeled.
Do follow Todd Gustafson on social media for more of his amazing work, enquire about prints and privately guided safaris.
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Adorable endangered African wild dog pups curiously stare into the lens of wildlife photographer & photographic guide with Pangolin Photo Safaris & Remembering Wildlife contributor Charl Stols.
Remembering Wildlife has a kickstarter campaign that has been running for the past three weeks to raise funds for the publication of their latest book Remembering African Wild Dogs, the 6th book from the ground breaking series. Previous series have raised much needed funds for Elephants, Rhinos, Great Apes, Lions & Cheetahs.
To support the project please follow the link below and do advantage of some the fantastic rewards that are still available for grabs. Kickstarter Campaign
Follow Charl Stols on social media and consider joining him on photographic trips with Pangolin Photo Safaris.
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Lion brothers beautifully captured as they napped up a tree in Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park by wildographer , Sony Imaging Ambassador, explorer and co- founder of Mindful Adventures, Marcus Westberg. Join Marcus & his wife Jessica Westberg for a Kenyan yoga adventure next year. Follow the link for more information:
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An Elephant stunningly captured as he struts his stuff across Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania
by wildlife photographer Joe Knapman.
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A cheetah mother and cub spotted drinking at a waterhole in Namibia
by wildlife photographer & photographic guide Kevin Dooley/Idube Photo Safaris. Kevin leads photographic safaris & workshops in Africa, Alaska & beyond.
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Ostrich Sunset Dance

Ostrich couple captured in beautiful light at sunset as they played chase in the Kgalagadi, Botswana by wildlife photographer, author & photographic guide Andrew Aveley. You can join Andrew on scheduled tours or privately guided trips across Southern Africa.
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A mating pair of leopards spotted in Kabini Forest, Karnataka, India
by Sanjana Raj Photography

A tigress with her four Cubs that she managed to raised to adulthood thanks to the protection of wildlife corridors in India, which is seeing an increase in their numbers. A great shot by Nayan Khanolkar.

A magnificent Kudu bull stares into the lens of South African conservation photographer & Ambassador to wildlife campaign organisation Wild Tomorrow Fund & Prints For Wildlife. Follow him and support the above campaigns by purchasing prints and offering donations..

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The Flying Grim Reaper!
A Martial Eagle, one of the biggest eagles in the world, tackles and kills a small impala at Samburu National Park in Kenya and it is spotted tucking into its hard earned price by #wildographer Jeff Sink. * Do follow Jeff for more awesomeness and enquire about prints & safari ideas.


A Pallas Cat captured on the prowl in the Tibetan plateau by #wildographer & guide Staffan Widstrand whilst leading a photographic trip. You can join him on an upcoming trip and experience the beauty of China and come away with your own stunning photos. Follow Staffan on social media and enquire about prints & workshops.

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A female cheetah and her 6 nine week old Cubs captured in Kenya’s Masai Mara National by conservation photographer, photosafari guide, public speaker & founder of Kicheche Safari Camps, Paul Goldstein. Paul is also a serial contributor to Remembering Wildlife conservation Charity. Follow him on social media and enquire about prints, buy books and privately guided tours.

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Endangered African Wild Dog beautifully captured by wildlife photographer, conservationist & founder of Remembering Wildlife project, Margot Raggett. The latest Kickstarter campaign ended recently and it was a resounding success which means that the upcoming book is guaranteed of being published this November. There is a photo contest where one can win 1 of 10 spaces available to have an image immortalised in the book. To enter follow this link:

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Night Moves by Donal Boyd! Are YOU Connected to Nature?! 🌱 #Wildographer & conservationist Donal Boyd is on a mission to promote “Conservation of Wildlife Through Visual Advocacy. ” Buy 3 & Get 2 Additional Prints FREE | Use Codes: B3G2S for Small Prints or B3G2M for Medium Prints. Don’t miss out on bundling your favorite portraits together for a limited time discount. FREE Worldwide shipping. Discount applied at Checkout.
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